C E R I T H_ W Y N _ E V A N S

Cerith Wyn Evans was born in 1958 in Wales. He lives and works in London and has a home near Norwich. He trained at the RCA and Central St Martins and started out as a video and film-maker. He then moved into making short, experimental films during the 1980s. His conceptual work uses photography, film, text, sound, sculpture and installations. For Cerith, communicating with his audience via text and physical messages, and achieving many possible interpretations is his goal.

He exhibits around the world in public and private collections and has twice exhibited at the Venice Biennale. Often his work acts as a catalyst, by using language and communication to explore great pivots in understanding. His firework pieces involve open-ended texts that burn over a period of time, while flashing lights in his Chandelier sculpture send out messages in Morse code. Cerith Wyn Evans is represented by White Cube.