A B I G A I L _L A N E

Abigail Lane studied at Goldsmiths College, London, graduating in 1989, just after she had taken part in Freeze, the seminal group art show in 1988. During the following years she exhibited widely both in England and abroad.

With a preoccupation with the fantastical, her work shows unsettling images, which explore the psyche. Often her work involves video, photography and digital media, but she also produces sculptural installations and pieces. Abigail also ran a warehouse in east London in which various exhibitions and events took place. In 2003 she started Showroom Dummies, an unusual design company. She moved to Suffolk in 2007 when her son Eric was born, and continues to work here. She is also the producer of SNAP.




© Abigail Lane. 'Forever, Always, Somewhere'. Video installation at SNAP 2011.