A S T O N_ E R N E S T

Aston Ernest was born in Sizewell in 1949. After dropping out of Glasgow School of Art in 1969, he moved to London, but after a series of poorly received shows moved to New York on the advice of his friend and fellow artist Vivi Enkyo. Ernest and Enkyo became part of a loose collective of artists known as the ‘Blue Conceptualists’ whose work was first exhibited together in Lodz, Poland in 1981. After returning to London in 1974, Ernest went on to create a large body of work, while also collaborating regularly with Enkyo. His practice was varied and complex, ranging from painting to projections to performance and his work was often described as ‘inaccessible’ by critics.

In the mid 1990s he retreated to his Suffolk studio, where he lived in virtual isolation until his death in 2010. Recent posthumous shows, including Fifteen years too late (Aldeburgh South Look Out, Suffolk, 2010 ) and Field of Meaning (Kimberling Gallery, London, 2011), have lead to a reappraisal of Ernest’s work.