B R I A N_ E N O

Born in Woodbridge, Suffolk, Brian Eno studied fine art and became interested in the possibilities light could offer as a medium. However, it quickly became apparent that light was harder to manipulate than sound, and he turned his attention to music. He started his musical career with Roxy Music before going on to produce a number of eclectic ambient electronic and acoustic albums. He is widely cited as coining the term ‘ambient music’ in his Ambient series (Music for Airports, The Plateaux of Mirror, Day of Radiance and On Land). Brian has described himself primarily as a non-musician and is indeed best known for ‘treating’ instruments rather than playing them himself.

In the 1970s he returned to visual art in the form of videos, and his works, including Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan (1983), were exhibited widely. In these videos, the television became a source of light and an almost still picture, the light medium that Brian had sought. Subsequent projects saw him combining music with the light pieces, resulting in 77 Million Paintings, which was broadcast around the world. More recent work combines music with speaker technology.