M A R K_ L I M B R I C K

Mark Limbrick’s career began as a research scientist working with lasers and electron microscope images, during which time his interest in light developed into a passion for photography. Mark studied film and photography at St Martins, where he came under the influence of Malcolm LeGrice and structural filmmaking. Sound was a very important part of the work he was doing at this time, using improvised soundtracks for film scores. He was the British Council representative for the Gaudeamus Contemporary Music Festival in Holland (1983), which culminated with a live broadcast on Dutch radio performing on a number of sound sculptures simultaneously.

Mark’s approach to photography is equally experimental. He has built and used his own cameras which scan the subject a small section at a time building up a permanent record. This process could span several minutes or several months, the final result never being predictable. This spirit of enquiry informs all his work. He lives and works in Suffolk.