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Mat Collishaw artist
Mat Collishaw artist
Damian Ortega artist

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Art at the Aldeburgh Festival, 12-28 June 2015

Abigail Lane together with Aldeburgh Music has selected works by three contemporary artists to be installed at Snape Maltings for the Aldeburgh Festival, 2015. Each work has been chosen for a specific and relevant site.
Mat Collishaw’s still lives, a series of framed prints each titled Last Meal on Death Row, 2011-12, will hang in the Concert Hall Gallery, between the concert hall and the bar/ restaurant. His work Whispering Weeds will be positioned in the Dovecote Studio close to the reed beds. Damián Ortega’s work, Through /True Stone, 2012, will be on the Hepworth Lawn in proximity to Barbara Hepworth’s permanently sited work, The Family of Man. Roman Standard, 2005, a bronze sculpture by Tracey Emin - a tiny bird atop a 13ft pole, will be installed near to the estuary and it’s famous ornithological habitat.

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